Always take a test shot before you go diving!

Empty or no batteries at all inside the strobe or camera, no memory card in camera, hot-shoe not connected, housing buttons not lined up, auto-focus not switched on, lens-cap still on camera, etc. – Every single one of these minor problems can quickly turn into a big frustration underwater, because you’re not able to fix it without opening the housing! Eliminate all that by simply taking a test shot after setting up your camera equipment and before going diving. Make it a habit to take a test shot of your lens-cap and you will instantly see if everything is working fine – if not, you’re still able to fix it before you go diving!

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If you shoot Underwater Macro Video, Use a TRIPOD!

tripodWhen shooting macro video underwater, it helps to have good buoyancy, but the only recipe for steady video is using a tripod.

There are many different options for tripods available out there, I for example use a DIY tripod made out of locline elements.

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Don’t make your audience seasick!


I often get asked how I get such steady footage on my videos – Having good buoyancy skills helps, but the only recipe for steady macro video is using a tripod! I use this cheap and easy DIY setup (made out of Locline elements) but there are many different options for tripods out there to choose from.




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