About uw-pix.com

uw-pix.com is founded and maintained by Sascha Janson, a professional underwater photographer and filmmaker. He got hooked on scuba diving and underwater photography when he went on a 4 week holiday in 2004. He has logged over 7 month of total bottom time since, mostly with a camera in his hand.



Sascha is using the following camera equipment for his images and footage:

CANON EOS 7D Mark II in SUBAL CD7 housing, 60mm Canon macro lens, 100mm Canon macro lens, TOKINA 10-17 fisheye lens,

SONY A7R II in Nauticam housing, Sony 90mm macro lens, Sony 24-70, Sony 50mm, Canon 8-15, Sony 16-36,

CANON EOS C200 in Nauticam NA-C200 housing, Nauticam WACP

Light & Motion SOLA Video Pro, SOLA 4000, SOLA 1200, SOLA 2100, i-torch Pro 7, i-torch Venom C92, i-torch Venom 50, F.I.T. 2400WSR, INON Z-240, DIY fiber optic snoot, filters, teleconverters, SubSee +5/+10, Nauticam SMC…

Sascha Janson

Alsheimer Weg 14
67125 Dannstadt – Schauernheim
email: Sascha@uw-pix.com
Tel: +49 6231 6298409