Double Flip-Mount Seacam

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Double Flip-Mount Seacam housing

Flip-Mount for Seacam MP port here with SubSee +5 and Nauticam SMC

This double Flip-Mount or Flip-Adapter fits SEACAM Flat-Ports and the following macro lenses:

  • Nauticam SMC-1
  • Nauticam SMC-2
  • Nauticam CMC-1
  • Nauticam CMC-2
  • SubSee +5
  • SubSee +10
  • Seacam Achromat for Seacam MP port

Please choose which two diopters you want to mount on your setup:



Double Flip-Mount SEACAM MP

This double Flip-Mount fits Seacam MP ports

Seacam MP Port


Flip-Mount for Seacam Macroport MP here with SubSee +5 and Nauticam SMC


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