Deep Blue Divers | 2019 Highlights

We had some great encounters here in Laamu in 2019. Lean back and immerse into the underwater-life of the Maldives. Music by Nacho Sotomayor ( Filmed on a Canon C200 in Laamu / Maldives while diving with Deep Blue Divers.

Deep Blue Divers | 2019 September Highlights

Diving in Laamu brings us so much joy! The extraordinary volume and variety of sea life here are beautifully captured in this September highlights video which we hope will inspire and delight you as much as it does us. Music by Nacho Sotomayor | | Shot on a Canon C200 with Sigma 18-35 in a Nauticam housing with Nauticam WACP.

Deep Blue Divers | 2019 August Highlights

August has been an extraordinary month for the sheer volume of fish; dives have been replete with tiny baitfish shimmering in schools over the reefs, which in turn attract larger predators such as tuna, jacks, and sharks. Speaking of which, be sure to watch until the end of the video for a surprising interaction between a shark and a manta! Music by Nacho Sotomayor | Shot on a Canon C200 with Sigma 18-35 in a Nauticam housing with Nauticam WACP.

Deep Blue Divers | April 2019 Highlights

April’s video is a perfect example of why we love diving in Laamu. Enjoy this stellar footage of your favourite underwater animals with some awesome close-up shots of a hawksbill turtle and see if you can spot the goby changing its eye colour! Shot on a Canon C200 in a Nauticam housing with ambient light.

Deep Blue Divers | 2019 February Highlights

This February we were lucky to film one of Laamu’s rarest marine creatures, an ornate eagle ray! (I had the 100mm macro lens on my C200, but the ray was far away and very deep – around 50m, I was at 30m depth so I was able to shoot a large ray with a macro lens). Other highlights of the month include close-ups of beautiful sharks, a fever of stingrays, and a graceful ballet performed by two surgeonfishes. Kick back and enjoy this glimpse into another world!

Deep Blue Divers | 2018 Highlights

We’re ringing in the new year with this fantastic highlights of 2018 Laamu diving video, featuring turtles, sharks, our house reef frogfishes and lots of manta rays; how many individual manta rays can you count?

Deep Blue Divers | 2018 June Highlights

June was all about Manta rays (Mobula alfredi) plus a very special unexpected appearance featured at the end of the video which startled the videographer! It’s such a luxury to have a manta cleaning station just 5 minutes from the resort and the best part of it is to have it all for yourself – no other dive operators, only Deep Blue Divers. Enjoy Laamu’s June highlights! Filmed on a SONY A7R2 with Canon 8-15mm f4.

Deep Blue Divers | 2018 April Highlights

Check out our latest April highlights video featuring schools of sharks, turtles, rays galore and a fascinating glimpse into the hunting skills of the mantis shrimp’s fearsome raptorial appendages catching a fish with lightning speed, filmed on our very own house reef. Bonus points if you can spot the juvenile trevally shadowing a friendly female manta who came by to check out the videographer. Sit back and enjoy the magic of diving with Deep Blue Divers!