About uw-pix.com

uw-pix.com is founded and maintained by Sascha Janson, a professional underwater photographer and filmmaker who has dived extensively over Indonesia. He got hooked on scuba diving and underwater photography when he went on a 4 week holiday in 2004. He has logged over 5000 dives since, more than half of them with a camera, to document the beautiful underwater life.

Sascha is currently based in Lembeh Resort / Critters@Lembeh Resort running the Cameras@Lembeh Resort Photo-Center, teaching underwater photography / videography courses, helping fellow underwater photographers with camera gear problems and producing HD and 4K footage and high quality images of the critters in Lembeh Strait.





Sascha is using the following camera equipment for his images and footage:

CANON EOS 7D & EOS 7D Mark II in SUBAL CD7 housing, 60mm Canon macro lens, 100mm Canon macro lens, TOKINA 10-17 fisheye lens,

SONY A7R II in Nauticam housing, Sony 90mm macro lens, Sony 24-70, Sony 50mm, Canon 8-15, Sony 16-36,

Light & Motion SOLA 4000, SOLA 1200, SOLA 2100, i-torch Pro 7, i-torch Venom C92, i-torch Venom 50, F.I.T. 2400WSR, INON Z-240, DIY fiber optic snoot, filters, teleconverters, SubSee +10, Nauticam SMC…

Sascha Janson

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email: Sascha@uw-pix.com
Tel: +49 6231 6298409