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Nachdem Sie all dieses Geld für ein Unterwasser-Gehäuse, Kamera & Blitz ausgegeben haben, ist es auch ganz toll zu wissen wie das ganze funktioniert. Unterwasser gelten andere Regeln wie an Land! Ob blutiger Anfänger oder fortgeschrittener Fotograf - Wir machen Kurse jeden Levels...Kompaktkameras - Spiegelreflex - Makro - Super-Makro - HD Video - Lightroom - Photoshop - Final Cut Pro X - Videos erstellen --- Individuell gestaltete Einzelkurse oder Gruppen-Schulungen


Critters of the Lembeh Strait | November Highlights

Our November highlights video showcases a little-known side of Lembeh, full of gloriously vibrant, healthy and diverse corals and reefs, all shot on Lembeh dive sites. Naturally fluorescent corals and critters also make a glowing appearance onstage and will change the way you see these animals. Enjoy the best of Lembeh wide angle and macro!

Critters of the Lembeh Strait | October Highlights

October’s highlights video features awesome footage of a flamboyant cuttlefish carefully placing her eggs underneath a coconut shell half and an extremely rare golden tripod fish juvenile (Pseudotriacanthus strigilifer) – a first for us here! Sascha also filmed two Godiva rachelae nudibranchs engaged in some odd behaviour – mating dance? Fighting? Let us know what you think they were doing in the comments!

Critters of the Lembeh Strait | 2017 September Highlights

September’s highlights video features favourite stars such as the ornate ghost pipefish (there were so many around this month!) clown frogfish and mimic octopus. Be sure to also watch for the shrimp dancing on the eye of a snake eel (does it tickle?) and a close up of the iris of an elegant sand diver (Trichonotus elegans) resembling rays of light. Enjoy the show!